Schedule and Routine for Home Preschool

I have gone back and forth with how to arrange my lessons.  For a long time, my intention was to focus on weekly themes in the style of Simply Learning.  I absolutely love thematic units, but I ultimately decided to hold off on that until the second half of the year when we are more comfortable with our routine.  Instead, the first 30 weeks will focus on a letter and number of the week with time taken for reviews and holidays.

Main Areas of Study:

  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Bible
  • Science
  • Arts/Music

*There will also be focus on Social Studies and fine/gross motor skills within the main areas of study.

Weekly Schedule:

I have decided on a block schedule format, which means we won’t cover every area of study each day.  Instead, each day will focus on 3 subjects.

  • Monday: Bible, Numbers, Letters
  • Tuesday:    Bible, Arts, Science
  • Wednesday:   Bible, Numbers, Letters
  • Thursday:  Bible, Arts, Science
  • Friday:  Bible, Numbers, Letters

Daily Routine:

Because the kids are so young, I don’t want to fill their day with parent-led tasks and activities.  I think play is a huge part of child development and that young children should have plenty of time for unstructured, child-led play and exploration.  Still, I think a consistent routine is important, and so I will be keeping our daily routine simple.


Wake, free time, breakfast (Bible story, memory verse, and prayer during breakfast).

Breakfast clean-up, brush teeth, get dressed

Calendar time, introduce preschool trays for the day (note on that below)

Free time or previously scheduled appointments depending on the day



Science, Art, or Physical Ed activity depending on the day


Free time to work on preschool trays and listen to music or audiobook

Free time for the rest of the day



Free time

Wash, brush teeth, pajamas

Books, prayer, songs


This may seem like a lot, so let me clarify a few things.  My kids often wake up at 5am and don’t eat breakfast until 7:30, so that’s a good 2 hours of free play (usually outside if the weather allows). Mornings and after naptime have proven to be the best time for focused activities for us, so we will take advantage of those times as much as possible.

Because attention spans are short at this age, focused activities usually last no longer than 10 minutes.

Preschool Trays:  Each night, I will set up 6 new work trays for the next day.  I  got this idea from the 1+1+1=1 blog and you can read more about tot trays here . Each will have a simple activity that the kids can take out and work on independently (or with some assistance).  They will be set up in the cube shelf so the kids can choose which they want to work on.  The rules are simple. For my youngest, if she takes a tray out, she does not have to complete it, but she does have to put it away before taking out a new one.  For my oldest, if he takes out a tray, he has to complete the short activity and then return it to its spot before taking out a new one.  The trays will be available all day, and they can choose to do them at their own pace.  I will go more in depth in another blog post but for now I highly recommend the 1+1+1=1 blog

Aside from dinner, 2pm-7pm is entirely free time with no structured activities.  At 7, the kids start their bedtime routine and are in bed by 8:00.

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