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There is very little that is more exciting than going to the library and coming home with a great stack of books — unless it’s getting all of the books in my Amazon cart.  But, since my husband said I need to pry myself away from my Amazon cart for awhile, library day has been prettty awesome lately.

Our library has a crazy high book check-out minimum (I think it’s 100 books per family!), and I definitely take advantage of it.  We usually have about 25 books on hold each week, and then the kids will pick out another 15-20 when we visit.  So it’s safe to say we have read a LOT of books over the last few months.

There have been so many unexpectedly fantastic finds, and some surprisingly disappointing ones.  I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of the newer, trendy picture books just don’t appeal to my kids AT ALL.  They may look great in Instagram posts, but they are never the ones my kids beg me to read over and over.

With that in mind, I thought I’d start sharing the books my KIDS love — the ones that get read until every page is memorized, and the ones that surprise and delight them even though they already know what is going to happen.

Here are our absolute favorites from the last couple of weeks (in no particular order).

Warning: Do Not Open this Book 

My kids love interactive books and I was surprised that I hadn’t seen this one before, since it has been out for several years.  It has monkeys, toucans, a crocodile, and a very large banana.  Pretty much a perfect 10 in comedic genius and I didn’t even mind when they asked me to read it for the hundredth time.  It was actually more fun to watch their faces reacting to the pages.  *Note — there’s a sequel to this book!  We checked it out this week and I will let you know if it’s a hit.

Wordy Birdy

Do you have a chatty child?  I do!  I knew we HAD to check this one out when I saw it on the shelf, and we were not disappointed.  The illustrations are fantastic, the text is full of hilarious speech bubble dialogue, and most importantly — the kids laughed EVERY time we read this one.  My daughter almost had it memorized before we had to bring it back.  It was such a cute book, especially if you have a little one who needs a gentle reminder to listen once in awhile.

Sweet Dream Pie

Audrey Wood never disappoints and this gem from the late 1990s was so fun to read!  Pa Brindle can’t sleep and begs Ma to make him a Sweet Dream Pie.  Against her better judgement, she agrees and together they make the biggest, sweetest, most delicious pie the neighborhood has ever seen.  With ingredients like chocolate, jelly beans, cookies, marshmallows, and sugar cubes, it’s no wonder the neighborhood is turned on its head.  Completely delightful, this is one my kids wanted to read every night.

Bunny’s Book Club

Bunny loves sitting outside the library listening to stories, but when storytime is moved inside, he comes up with a plan to get access to all the stories he wants.  The illustrations are wonderful, and the story is so sweet.  My kids cracked up as each animal struggled to squeeze into the book return.  When the librarian catches them in the act, they were so nervous for the little group of book lovers.  This is definitely one I want for our home library!

Give Me Back My Book!

Here’s another picture book with speech-bubble dialogue the my kids love.  Doing the voices for this one was SO fun!  Watch out for the sneaky bookworm and be prepared to read this one again and again.  Bonus— this book does a fantastic job of teaching kids about the parts of a book!

Leonardo the Terrible Monster

We love Mo Willems, but just read this for the first time a couple weeks ago.  Like most of his books, this one was a hit!  Poor Leonardo just isn’t a very good monster.  No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t seem to scare anybody— until he meets Sam.  The story is both sweet and funny, and a great one if you just aren’t in the mood to read a ton of text.  No judgement here…I know what  it’s like to have your kid bring you the LONGEST BOOK EVER when you just want it to be bedtime already.  This one is a win win!

Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

What will you find if you just keep on digging?  A treasure, maybe?  Sam and Dave want to find something spectacular, so they just keep digging.  The illustrations are such a treat in this one, because the kids can see what the characters can’t.  My digger of a son especially loved this one!

Also an Octopus

Every story starts with a little bit of nothing.

Have a child who is learning the parts of a story?  This is a must-have!  It is such a clever way of teaching what makes up a story and my kids thought it was so fun!  After we read this one, my son was so eager to try to make up his own story, even wilder than this one.

Polar Bear’s Underwear

I am so late to the party when it comes to this book.  I must have heard it mentioned a hundred times, but never got around to checking it out.  If your kid thinks underwear is hilarious (and what kid doesn’t?), then this is a must-have in your home collection.  The underwear-shaped page cutouts are so funny and my kids had this one memorized in no time.

I Don’t Want To Be A Frog

Frog wants to be anything BUT a frog.  Frogs are slimy and wet and eat too many bugs.  As frog tries to decide what he would rather be, he finds out that being a frog might not be such a bad thing after all.

Everyone loved this picture book.  The illustrations were so fun, and the speech-bubble dialogue is always a hit with my two.  It reminded me so much of the PJ Funnybunny book It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny (which my kids also love!)


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